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What IS That Font?

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Blog, How To, Marketing, Product Creation, Resources | 4 comments

What Font Is This?I’ve been geeking out on designing stuff for the past few weeks.

It started with image quotes for Facebook and went on with eBook covers.  My unexpected, spur of the moment product Instant eBook Covers was well received, and I highly recommend it – if I may do so myself 🙂 – especially if you publish eBooks, and especially for Kindle.

A big part of designing eBook covers is looking at trends, colours, ads, other eBook covers that work.  Studying and modelling what works and what looks amazing in my eyes is one of my most favourite ways to grow as a product creator.

One thing that used to absolutely mystify me and drive me right up the wall is figuring out what font a specific ad or cover is using.  Of course, some fonts are proprietary, some are one-offs, and yet others are for sale just like images.

The key is to find out what it is called, so you can pursue it further, or turn to Uncle Google to find other fonts that are similar and freely available.

Enter What The Font!, a free online service that guesses the font based on an image.

Simply upload the image, which includes the text whose font you want to identify.  You could also just enter the URL of the image, if it is online.

The service then analyzes the image, breaks it it down to component letters, guesses which letters they are – you can confirm or change its guess.

Finally, it will spit out a number of matching fonts, showing samples of each.

The font name is conveniently hyperlinked to the store, where you can download said fonts, either free or for a fee.

Make sure you check the fine print on usage rights for any font you download or purchase, especially if you plan on using them on the web.

So next time you are surfing around, and see a particularly attractive header, logo or ebook cover, you can just take a snapshot and head over to What The Font! to check out … ahem, what the font is!

Happy fonting!

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