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What Amazon Can Teach You About Product Creation

Focus On One ThingAmazon is a giant.

It could be that with my interest in Kindle publishing, I keep seeing it everywhere.  You know, kind of like when you buy a Toyota Camry, you suddenly see Toyota Camrys (Camries? LOL) everywhere.

Here is the thing.  Amazon wasn’t always a giant.

It was started in Jeff Bezos’s house, with power extension cords running all over the house to bring enough juice to the computers in the home office.

When they started, they did just one thing: an online bookstore.

They sold only books.  But they did that really, really well.

They perfected the art of internet shopping and fulfillment just for books.  Once they had that down, then only did they start to add other stuff, like DVDs and music CDs.

Think about your own product creation process.  Are you focusing on just one thing, and planning on doing that really, really well, or are you creating a series of products?

Even if the series of products you have in mind are related, consider focusing on just one to start with, and give it everything you’ve got.

You might think that you have enough bandwidth to do multiple products at once, but trust me, single-tasking in product creation is way more productive than you would think.

Actually, even in focusing on a single product, you still have a lot of balls in the air.  There’s the content creation itself, the edits, the multimedia assets you might need, such as images, videos, screencasts and so on.

Then you have all the packaging to do, depending on where you want to launch your product.  Packaging your product for delivery in membership site is different to setting it up as an email course, which again is different to publishing it on Kindle.

You will also need to select and set up a payment processor, an email marketing / autoresponder service, and figure out how you will handle customer queries.

So as you can see, even doing that one thing is pretty meaty itself.

Jeff Bezos understood the power of focusing on just one thing and doing that extremely well.  I love the story of how they had programmed a bell to ring each time someone placed an order, and the excitement when an order was placed by someone they didn’t know  (‘Hey, is that your mom? No? Wow!!’).

It’s hard to look at Amazon today and remember that it focused on just one thing when it started.  Today they cover so much of the ecommerce marketplace, that you automatically think Amazon when you think online shopping.

It started with just one thing.

Do you know what is your one thing? And more to the point, how much of your time are you spending on your one thing?



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