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The Moonpreneur Vibe

by | May 29, 2014 | Mindset, Vibe | 2 comments

The Moonpreneur VibeMoonlighting entrepreneurs everywhere know what it’s like to feel in the vibe.

As the clock hands slowly make their way around to quitting time at the day job, tiredness is tempered by the excitement of getting home to pull out the latest project.

In fact, when you’re feeling the vibe, the tiredness completely transforms into this strange kind of energy that seems to come out of nowhere.

The same energy, that no matter what, you couldn’t – wouldn’t – summon earlier in the day when in yet another interminable meeting you vaguely thought you should pay attention to, and couldn’t – wouldn’t.

What is a Moonpreneur vibe?

I see it of being made up of three critical elements:

On The Verge

When you are hustling on the side – for fun or for profit – you seem to always be just on the verge of something amazing. It always feels like you’re just hours, minutes away from a major something.

Because you’re working to goals that you’ve set yourself, you are excited and are racing to the finish.

Small Wins

Each day that you manage to add to your products portfolio, sell slightly more than the day before, or hit a new high in word count, blog traffic or whatever other metric you track, it feels like you’ve won the lottery.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill

When you’re a Moonpreneur, you know that little wins add up, and spur you on even more. You also know that these small, incremental wins are what sustainable businesses are made out of.

Innovation Bug

You consume all kinds of information all day, and sometimes all night, looking for ways to improve, to streamline, to get more bang for your buck. You just can’t stop tinkering with stuff, because you get to see results almost immediately.

After all, you dictate the pace of innovation, not anyone else. You dictate which parts of your side business you want to innovate. And once you have yet another successful innovation, you can’t wait to share with fellow Moonpreneurs.

The Moonpreneur vibe is addictive. It’s what keeps you up all night – in a good way.

It’s what fuels your drive to create an even more fulfilling work life for yourself.

It’s what gives you that incredible high when you find one more subscriber on your list, one more new idea for your next product, or one more fabulous, unsolicited testimonial email.

Give in to the Moonpreneur vibe – it’s the most exhilarating motivation of all, the one that gives you that absolute certainty that you can change your world.