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Take 2: Resolutions Revisited

Resolutions? What is the word even doing hanging around past the winter??

The thing is, it’s spring.  Some of us took advantage of school breaks for a quick getaway, and others … well, didn’t.

But relegate resolutions and re-inventions to New Year’s Eve only?

Remember your last one?

One minute the goals and resolutions are free flowing, as is the hubbly bubbly, the music, laughter and celebrations.

Just on the other side of the midnight gong awaits a whole new life, full of kept promises, shiny goals, glittering new personas.

Then, January quietly slinks past, in a haze of post-holiday exhaustion and dreariness of going back to every day life.

February dawns with the realization that the lofty ambitions have disappeared into every day mundane logistics.

The new persona has once again left, disappearing into nothingness, each detail slowly fading with the weakening will power, leaving you stuck in the quicksand of habit.

Stuck, waiting and going through the motions  until the next round of lofty promises at the next birthday, new year, rite of passage, or just a bored afternoon.

Or not.

The power of choice is ours – to get unstuck, dust off those resolutions and decide to live them.

After all, you will never be as young as you are today. Ever.

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