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Starter Kit – Kindle Book

by | Apr 6, 2014 | Moonpreneur Community | 2 comments

ToolboxThe first step is always the most challenging.

Especially when it comes to putting together your first Kindle book.

So let me help you get started.

Introducing The Kindle Book Starter Kit

I’ve compiled a starter kit for you so you can leap frog the fretting bit, and the how-to bit.calculator

Download the goodies below.

eBook Viability Calculator

Have tons of ideas, and can’t decide which non-fiction book to write? Can’t figure out which digital product to start with? Download this Excel sheet, plug in your titles, and follow instructions on rating each one.

The results are colour-coded.  Choose green ones before the orange or yellow ones.  And definitely shelve the red ones – at least for now!

Download the Viability Calculator here.

wordtemplateMicrosoft Word Template

Pre-formatted and ready for your content, download this file to jump start your Kindle book first draft.

Fill it with your fabulous words, and when you’re done, go to the contents page, and refresh with F9 (or right-click, and update field).  The contents will now have your chapter names instead of the placeholders.

Unless you have complicated images  or tables to be included, the Word document could be ready for upload as is.

Download the document template here

SampleCoverYour Kindle eBook Cover

Of course, if you can afford it, or have some nice designer friends, it is best to get your cover designed professionally.  Failing that, here is template to get you started.

No fancy graphics program needed – the cover is in Powerpoint!

Simply download, and follow the instructions on the second slide.  You can easily change the background colour, image, and of course, the book title and author.

The size is preformatted for Kindle cover guidelines from Amazon.

Download your ready-made Kindle cover here.

Bonus – Done-For-You Outlinemindmap

If you are writing a how-to book, I’ve saved you the trouble of thinking up where to start.  Download the outline pack, including an image of the mind map, as well as the XMind mind map file.

XMind is a free mind map program available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Download your done-for-you outline here.