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The Blog Re-Launch

by | May 1, 2014 | Random | 16 comments

We were about to land in Ankara.

I was excited about seeing the city we were about to start calling home, wondering what our neighbourhood would look like, and whether we would manage to land one of those bright, lovely homes I had spent hours ogling on the property websites.

I was also excited about becoming a full time mom to my teenage kids, running a business online, and picking up the occasional freelance contract.

After a couple of decades as a corporate warrior, I couldn’t wait to morph into a late-blooming entrepreneur.

I could see it in my head: a new, fabulous blog,  trafficked by interesting characters from all over the world.  You know, the ones that say stuff like location-independent all the time.

I would create post after thought-provoking post, sitting in a sun-drenched kitchen, while something yummy bubbled on the stove.

I would create helpful digital assets in the form of Kindle ebooks and online courses, and talk about them on this wonderful new blog I was going to create.

It’s been exactly nine months since we arrived in our home in Ankara.

And it’s taken me until now to hum and haw, consider and re-consider, and finally get my act together to execute just the naming part of the new blog.

Nine months.

It took as long as it takes to have a baby.

True, I got sidetracked by trivial things like finding somewhere to live, getting the kids settled, and learning a new language – hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

And yes, I did produce a couple of Kindle books while I thought about my naming dilemma.

But finally, here we are at my new home on the web:

Duh.  Just use your name, lady.

Don’t ask me why it took me nine months to figure that out.  Obviously got caught up in that whole keyword-rich domain name thing.

Anyway, there is still much to do, including reviving the Third Culture Unleashed archives, and bringing the best content from other blogs I’ve been running under pen names.

Amongst all the lessons learned in the past several weeks,  there is one big lesson that stood out in the process of taking the step to integrate, consolidate, and relish in all that I can offer.

Here is the lesson: you don’t have to choose just one thing.

Just because your major at college was Electrical Engineering doesn’t preclude you writing romance novels.

Just because you spent ten years in software development doesn’t mean you can’t become a lawyer and continue to create fantastic apps.

Just because you were the best high school math teacher ever, doesn’t mean you can’t launch an interior decorating business.

These are not made up scenarios.  I know these three people personally.

I’m coming across the term multi-passionate more and more these days, signaling a new take on to the phrase “having it all”, and giving me the assurance that I’m far from alone in wanting to pursue multiple avenues.

Therefore, you can expect lots of multi-passionate posts, on everything from NLP to Mac tips, marketing to self-publishing, WordPress to leadership development.  And everything in between.