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Re-purpose With Purpose

RepurposeOne minute November is just starting, and suddenly it’s already the second week!  Less than eight weeks till the end of 2012, which means you have mere weeks to plan how you will devour 2013.

Yes, devour.  Believe me, it’s the only way to go forward.  ‘I will try’ and ‘Let’s see’ are nice and safe, but until you truly put yourself out there, whatever ‘out there’ means for you, you  won’t know for sure whether it would have turned out differently if you had truly engaged.

For me, fully engaging meant that I went all out on creating a product that is way bigger and deeper than I had originally envisaged.

There were lots of occasions that I felt like stopping, returning to the relative safety of producing blog posts instead.  But like the discomfort of open loops, I couldn’t leave it half finished.  Besides, what would I report back to my mastermind group?

I berated myself that I had deviated from rule number 1 in product creation: keep it small for your early efforts, so you can experience success quickly.

I (sort of) kept to that for the first two Kindle books.  But then …

Then, I went in head first into this massive undertaking of text and video content, templates, workbooks … and in the process learned how use Camtasia and Screenflow, how to edit videos, and how to properly structure a course.

The good news is that the course is right in line with the purpose and intent of Moonpreneur : it is, after all, a product creation resources blog.

The better news is that the course materials that I have already developed are giving me tons of scope for other, smaller products.  The first of those should appear on Amazon Kindle a little later today.

Over the next weeks, I plan to take parts of the product creation course, Product Complete!, and re-purpose it into smaller, laser targeted products to focus on specific aspects, such as choosing the right idea, or creating a cover.

Admittedly, everything I’ve read says to do it the other way around: create smaller components, then bundle them together for a massive value product.

It really doesn’t matter in which order you do it, just as long as you do it.  If you already have content that you can re-purpose into a polished product, wouldn’t it be great to have one done for the holidays?

Imagine, you could have it ready for Black Friday, and your product could be flying off the Kindle shelves!

Spend some time rooting around your blog and other digital creations of yours.  See what you can pull together to start with, then add a section or two to update the content and add even more value than it already has.

Format it, grab a pretty cover ( you know I’m going to plug Instant eBook Covers here!), and you too could soon be smugly throwing around phrases that contain the magic words ‘my product’.



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