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How To Combat Product Creation Block

Product creation blockGetting started is simple,  but not always easy.

This is especially true of content and product creation.

Facing an empty, pristine sheet of paper can be off putting.

Staring at a blinking cursor on an empty Word document is just as intimidating. At least on paper,  you can doodle!

Fiction authors use writing prompts to get them going  whenever they hit writer’s block.

So,  what’s the answer for us digital product creators?

The answer is a question.  Actually,  several questions,

Use the following questions to get you past even the most stubborn case of product creation block.

Once you have the answers to the questions below, you will be well on your way to having your product conceptualized.

Question #1: What is the general topic?

Choose the overall topic or category you want to create a product for. Is it self- development? Web design? Cycling? Detox?

Question #2: What is the exact problem within this topic you want to solve?

Pinpoint the exact problem that you want to solve. Saying that you want to show your customer how to be happy is too vague.

As much as possible, it’s important to solve a single problem. As I have said before, think one inch wide and one mile deep.

Question #3:Who is it for?

Picture yourself sitting at a coffee shop with your ideal customer. What is her name? Let’s call her Sheila.  What is the most pressing thing on her mind? What excites her? What is her biggest fear with regards to the topic at hand?

Question #4: Why should Sheila care?

People live with problems all the time without the slightest desire to do anything about them. Why will Sheila suddenly decide she needs to solve this problem? What is it about your solution and Sheila that suddenly galvanizes her into parting with her hard earned cash and tackle this problem using your solution?

Question #5 : What makes your solution better everyone else’s?

Assuming Sheila wants to solve her problem today, why should she pick you and your product out of all the choices out there? What will make her choose you?

Question #6: What benefits will Sheila get?

How will Sheila feel once she has consumed your product? In what specific ways will she benefit? What will she say in the email she will send thanking you?

Question #7: Why should Sheila choose today to solve her problem?

What will make Sheila take action today? What is so special about right now and your product?

Question #8: How will Sheila find out about your product?

How will Sheila know you exist? How will she even find out about your product?


Look over the questions again. What do you notice? If you said that they are mostly about Sheila, you are right.

Having a crystal clear idea about your customer is one of the most important aspects of getting your product right.

Answer these questions about Sheila and how your product relates to her.

Not only will you have your product conceptualized and mostly defined,  you will also have most of the content that needs to go into your sales letter.

What are you waiting for?  Sheila’s problems aren’t going to solve themselves!

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