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One Inch Wide, One Mile Deep

As get to the middle of the month, and almost half-way through Ultimate Blog Challenge, I’m happy that I’m only one post behind.  Sure, right on target would be better, but just one baby post behind, and being way ahead in terms of time zones, gives me a feeling of still being in complete control.

Part of the reason I’m a bit behind is that I’ve been eating this elephant that had been masquerading as a tiny raisin.

Last month, I decided to document my product creation system, and started creating  Product Complete!, a step-by-step online blueprint to product creation.

And right there, in module 2, it says it, in clear black and white: pick a topic, one very specific topic, a solution to a SINGLE problem.

While I have followed my own advice for all products I’ve created so far, I wanted Product Complete! to be just that: complete, so while it solves the product creation problem, it looks at all aspects of product creation.

I wanted to offer good, solid how-to’s on ferreting out great topics for products.  I wanted to address how to get over agonizing over choosing a topic.  I wanted to spell out the best way to organize and structure an information product, creating the outline, the main body, the cover …. everything.

Yes, I wanted to create the best product creation blueprint, a collection of my best processes and expertise in pulling together a useful, practical product, and getting it out there, in front of the people who want it, who need it now.

Thing is, devil is in the details, and I want to make sure I cover those details, and not just skim over them like some guides I have come across.

I want to offer worksheets to go with the explanation of the details, and go through alternatives and options where appropriate, so you, the product creator, can make an educated, hype-free decision on, for example, which marketplace to use for your product.

As a result, Product Complete! is one inch wide (how to create and launch an information product), but it’s actually 10 miles deep – as I said, there’s a ton of detail, but it’s simple once it’s systemized and captured into a step-by-step blueprint.

The good news is that I have captured, edited, and uploaded most of the video content (yup, it’s a full video course, complete with walkthroughs on any tools used).

I will be spending this week finalizing the last two modules, and getting ready for a beta launch just before Halloween.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a product, but think it’s too big, too complicated, or just plain scary, stay tuned.  I can help.

Let me know if you’re interested in getting on the pre-launch list in the comments, or drop me a note here.

Back to eating that elephant one bite at a time ….


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