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November: New Month, New Challenges

It's NovemberIt’s a new month, but first ….

For many, October 2012 will be remembered as that month when the force of nature showed its not-so-good side, and my thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives and  loved ones were impacted by Sandy.

Even several time zones away, communication being what it is today, we have not been immune to what’s happening on the other side of world.  Who knows, tomorrow it could be our turn.

But I also sensed something else from the same communications that were bringing us desolate images of destroyed neighbourhoods and stranded families: an incredible sense of support and community, virtual and otherwise.

It sounds a bit sappy, but it’s amazing to see the side of human nature that seems to surface in the face of adversity, where strangers and relatives alike band together to help, reaching out across artificial boundaries to console and to connect at the very base of what makes us human.

I’ve seen that same sense of virtual community come to the rescue in other, more personal instances, like when Barry’s had an unexpected turn of eventsl, and the community stepped in to help keep his blog posts going, or when Lisa posted an appeal to vote for Lee so he could get a wheelchair.

We may all be hiding behind internet and a wall of nicknames and made up re-invented personas, but there’s nothing fake or commercially motivated in the communication exchanges I’ve witnessed when things don’t quite go as planned.

I just wanted to say I’m grateful to you, dear reader, and to the communities I’ve been fortunate enough to become a part of since the inception of Moonpreneur.

Yes, I’ve always been an optimist, and have even been accused of being too naive in my unwavering belief that there’s good everywhere.  So while I’m not surprised at the wonderful support for one another, even in the fiercely competitive online world, I am truly touched by how consistently it continues to dominate our virtual conversations.

You rock.  Thank you.

Back to the new month.  With Product Complete! now launched, and active (yay!), I’m excited to be supporting novice and experienced product creators alike in November through the course and in the groups.  Actually, I’ve kind of been contemplating the idea of a Product Creation Challenge, along the same lines as the just completed Ultimate Blog Challenge …

But first, the November challenge: NaNoWriMo.  I’ve signed up and fully intend on producing a 50,000-word novella by 30 November, so watch out for me in the various forums, hunting for writing buddies.

I like writing and love challenges.  Having a couple of concurrent challenges each month has kept me moving forward in my business, and continues to hone my writing and productivity skills like nothing else.

More importantly, it enforces a natural evaluation process at the beginning of each month –  something that otherwise tends to happen may be once a year.

At the end of each monthly challenge, I can review, adjust, and choose the next challenge that will continue to push me forward and aligns with my personal and business goals.

In October, I completed and launched two products (one very large one, Product Complete! and the smaller Instant eBook Covers), while (mostly) staying on top of UBC.

During the month, I confirmed to myself – again – that I really do enjoy writing, and will be focusing my product creation mostly on Kindle books for the next little while, with the occasional video tutorial thrown in.

How about you? What have you planned for November?

You do have plans, right? A strategy? A vague idea of where you’re headed?

Good.  Had me worried there, thinking you’re letting someone else do the driving, and you haven’t told them where you want to go …


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