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Get help advocating for your loved one

Do you wonder if your loved one is getting the care they need?


Are you worried that your loved one pays too much for health care while mindlessly being sent from one doctor to another?

If you feel like the healthcare system is a complicated maze of doctors, insurance, and legal hassles, then Patient Advocate Info is for you.

Let us  give you the tools you need to be sure your loved one is getting the best care at the most reasonable cost possible.

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How to Advocate for Your Loved One

An online course showing you the basics on how to help your loved one navigate the  healthcare system.

Medical Record Notebook cover

Medical Record Notebook:

Your Important Medical Information 

In ONE Place! 

Done for you format – just fill it in!

Perfectly Prepared Patient Checklist bundle

Never Forget Medical, Insurance, and Legal Information Again

Self-Advocacy at a Doctor Appointment Guide

Speak Up for Yourself at Doctor Appointments with the guide + workbook.

Legal Guide cover

What legal documents do you need to help your loved one navigate healthcare? 

Get the FREE guide and a handy checklist.

7 Questions to Ask at a Doctor Appointment

7 Questions to a Great Doctor Appointment.

Healthcare Provider Worksheet

Maximize the Short Time You Have with Your Healthcare Provider!

How Can Patient Advocate Info

Help You Advocate for YOUR loved one?