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From 0 to Product in 6 Hours

Fast Product CreationI’ve written about obstacles to product creation and mistakes that might make along the way that hinder fast progress.

One of the sure fire ways to not launch a viable product fast is to decide to build the Taj Mahal.  Big, beautiful and boast-worthy.

Rather than biting off more than you chew in a reasonable meal – you can still eat an elephant one bite at time – consider going the quick-win route.

Consider creating a product that’s relatively quick for you to create, and quick for your customer to consume.

Here are products that are not quick:

  • Email training courses that run over 8-12 weeks
  • Training courses delivered via PDFs that are over 100 pages
  • Video training courses – nuff said
  • War and Peace revisited
  • Everything you wanted to know about ALL social media / blogging / <insert very large topic here>
  • Monster tools that take 3 months to figure out how to use, and about 3 years to build

You can see the recurring theme and the factors these types of products have in common: they require a lot of content, a lot of time to compile, and a lot of time and effort to consume.

For instance, online courses are fantastic (I’m working on one myself right now), but require time to put together, and they require time, effort and commitment from your customer before they can see a benefit.

These types of products are generally high ticket, high value and have high engagement requirements.  They are perfect for the  customer who wants to acquire new knowledge, hone their skills and invest in their education.

These types of products are probably NOT what you want to start with.

Instead, here are three types of products that you can create, and create fast:

Super Solo

This type of product is an eBook or video that solves ONE tiny problem for ONE customer profile.  It presents the solution in terms of 4 to 10 steps in “First do this, then do that” style.

You won’t find much prose in this kind of product.  It is prescriptive, clear and instructional in nature.

The key is that it is very, very specific.  For example:

    • How To Tie Extra Long Shoe Laces
    • How To Transfer Your Contacts From iPhone to Samsung SIII And ViceVersa

Leverage Lists

Another popular and quick-win type of product is the tips list eBook.  You will find several of these in the Kindle marketplace and they sell like gangbusters. Check out Andrew MacCarthy’s 500 Social Media Marketing Tips as an example of this type of product done extremely well.

These products can be email, PDF or video, and they consist of a certain number of tips, usually upwards of 20-30, and they are closely focused on  a single topic.

Each tip is usually illustrated with no more than a few sentences, and perhaps an image for groups of tips.  For example:

    • 50 Tips For Profitable Guest Blogging
    • 101 Tips For Google Plus Success
    • 10 Marketplaces For Your Ebook

 Talented Templates

Templates are fantastic.  Any kind of template, really.  Think of everything from a Microsoft Word template for a tips type of eBook, to an Excel sheet template for tracking places you’ve commented, to even a template for process, such as dealing with emails from your customers.

I’ve recently released a set of Kindle cover templates and not only did I enjoy making them, it was dead quick!

Take your talent, and turn it into a template.  Here are examples:

    • Excel sheet templates for keyword research
    • Action scripts for Photoshop
    • Email template for marketing your ebook

If you get your head down, you can easily produce one of the above types of products in six hours:

  • Outline: 1 hour
  • Content: 3 hours
  • Cover, Title: 1 hour
  • Sales page, Paypal button: 1 hour

Seriously, this is so doable.  The best part is that your customer is literally 20-30 minutes away from experiencing the benefits of your product, because that’s how long it will take to consume or use.

I hope you can see the power of these types of short, high value, immediate benefit type of products.

So let me ask you a question: why are you still here reading this?  Go create your quick product!

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