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Fresh Perspective, Fresh Eyes

Fresh WorkspaceFor the many of us who work from home, the office is a room, sometimes even with a door that can be closed.

Often times it’s the dining room table, shared with the kids doing their homework, or the kitchen table, with the laptop sitting side by side with a cooling dish of lasagna.

Like you, I have  also taken myself off to a nearby (or not) coffee shop, sipped at some yummy brew while creating content and connections online.

This month I’ve been trying to sit in different places in my home, just to change things up.  Then today, I had a brainwave.

I decided to go to a place that’s mere minutes from home, that’s been there forever, but that I never before considered as a place to create.

Today I went to the beach.

Granted, it was a bit accidental.  A friend I usually meet on a Monday morning for coffee Fresh Perspectiveand a chat suggested that we walk instead.  This after we discovered that we both love walking on the beach early in the morning and enjoy the peace of the nearly empty beach, and the soothing sound of the waves.

Checking my watch before leaving home with the kids on the school run, I noticed that I would be early (!) , so decided to take MacMillan (my Mac) with me, and catch up on the blog posts for Ultimate Blog Challenge.

This is how I found myself on this lovely beach, wondering why I don’t use more often.

It’s funny how sometimes we overlook things, places and people who are so accessible to us, and go after the things, places and people who are out of reach, uninterested and not a good fit.

I guess the old saying that we don’t want to belong to any club that will have us is somewhat true.

Here’s my proposal to you: take the time today to look around you, really look around you with fresh eyes.

Are there beautiful spots in your home you have overlooked, places that could serve well as an inspirational workspace? Put yourself in the shoes of a visiting friend who has never been to your home.

Now look through the eyes of another friend, one that has never been to your town or neighbourhood.   In your mind’s eye, visit your surrounding areas for somewhere inspirational, different, fresh.

It might be a park, or a quiet coffee shop with a terrace view, or like me, it might be a gorgeous, white beach, right in the middle of the busy metropolis that is Dubai.

Turning fresh eyes to your business, what are the work horses in your business you have been taking for granted?  Blog traffic? Your Facebook fans? How can you give your beloved work horses some new love and get them to work even better for you?

Examine your various revenue streams: which ones have you dismissed as being too small, too boring, not worthy of you? Perhaps they, like that corner of your garden you pooh-pooh’ed as too whatever,  warrant a second look.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a couple of complete newbies who are visiting you, interns if you like, eager to see how you run your online business.  Now marvel right along with them at what you already have in terms of your online presence, the systematic way you do certain things, your influence online, your fans and customers …

I don’t know about you, but this exercise for me was a bit of a revelation.

Just like this gorgeous beach.

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