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Foolproof Kindle Outline

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Products

You know when the first step is not the hardest? When it comes to writing a Kindle book. 

The first step is getting the idea. That’s not hard. 

You know what’s the hardest step? It’s getting from book idea to a clear, concise, yet comprehensive outline. 

It’s getting to a outline so effective, that the first draft will practically write itself. 

You know that once you have the outline, the writing is so much easier, as it lets you focus on simply pouring out your thoughts into your well-crafted, ready to rock outlined template. 

Get Unstuck 

Have you ever felt stuck at the “I know what I want to write about” stage? 

Do you have dozens of snippets of book ideas strewn all over your corkboard, your smartphone, your notebook? 

I’ve been there, and completely sympathize. After producing hundreds of pieces of content over the past years, I now know how important the bridge from idea to outline is. 

I have captured my strategy for getting from idea to completed outline fast, and created Foolproof Kindle Outline. 

In this guide, you will discover: 

>>> The important 15-minute step before you start outlining that primes the pump 
>>> The tools that best lend themselves to outlining 
>>> The two foolproof methods that will have you fill out your outline 
>>> The litmus test to know whether your outline is effective before you write the book 

Using examples and even providing a sample outline, I know this guide will help get you unstuck, and well on your way to self-publishing your next non-fiction book. 

Get it now on Amazon.