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Foolproof Kindle Bundle

by | Feb 2, 2014 | Books

Foolproof Kindle Bundle

Just about everything you need to get published on Amazon Kindle is right here, included in this value-packed bundle.

>>> Struggling with translating your vague idea into a workable outline? Foolproof Kindle Outline has you covered.

>>> Done writing and editing, but can’t face the alleged scary formatting step? Spend a little quality time with Foolproof Kindle Formatting, and you will uploading your book before you know it.

>>> Don’t want to fork out for an expensive designer for a cover that does your masterpiece justice? Have a go yourself – Foolproof Kindle Covers shows you how.

Grab Foolproof Kindle Bundle today, and get the three foolproof guides that will get you through the awkward bits from idea to uploaded book in record time:


1. Foolproof Kindle Formatting

2. Foolproof Kindle Outline

3. Foolproof Kindle Covers


5-Star Reviews:

I’ve read Dee’s work before and now she’s released her most comprehensive effort for Kindle producers yet- This book has so much value! She helped me format one of my biggest books yet and let me tell you- she knows here stuff! Great job Dee.Nick