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Do I Really Need A Website?

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Marketing, Strategy

I was just reading an article the other day on how Medium and LinkedIn could be the end of blogging as we know it.

In other words, why bother setting up your own blog and write diligently, post after post, then go after traffic to see it, when you could simply do exactly the same thing on Medium or Linkedin?

True, both platforms offer a compelling writing / reading environment.  They both already have tons of traffic trawling through their archives.

Linkedin even notifies your entire network whenever you post anything.  After all, getting connections on Linkedin is far simpler and easier than getting subscriptions to your own blog.  You get built-in automatic notifications and marketing.

So why should bother with your own blog?

Let us first go back to the earlier question: do you need your own website?

The answer is yes.

Do you need your own blog?

The answer is no.

But, if you’re going to have your own website, you might as well locate your blog there too, AND syndicate your blog posts to the other, already well trafficked platforms of your choice.

Wait – what’s the difference?

Website Vs Blog

A website is a set of pages on the web.  The pages can contain relatively static information, such as contacts, what the website is about and so on.  Think of those pages as a brochure.

A blog is also a website, in that it is a set of pages.  However, unlike the brochure type of pages, a blog is more like a journal.  Each page in a blog is an entry into that journal.  Blog pages are generally presented in reverse chronological order, with the latest post (as an entry is called) at the top.

Many websites also have a blog.   In other words, they have the brochure pages (About Us, Contact Us, Our Services), and they also have the blog (Latest News, From The Blog) etc.

Individuals and business maintain a blog in addition to the brochure web pages for a number of reasons:

  • it keeps their website fresh and relevant
  • it allows them to talk about specific topics in detail
  • it helps them stay in touch with their audience

Some Hybrid Methods

Some people will have a website, and have a menu item called “Blog” which then points to their Linkedin post entries.

As I mentioned earlier, others host their blog pages on Blogger, Tumblr, and simply link it from their brochure website.

So Many Choices … Bottom Line Please

If you’re going to go to the trouble of having a website (and you should), I recommend you have your brochure website AND a blog.

Even if you only write a single post each month, it gives you a chance to showcase a bit more about you.

You never know who is looking you up, and trying to get to know a little more about you before contacting you.

You can always republish your blog posts onto LinkedIn (just add “This post first appeared on”.)

The Real Reason You Need Your Own Website

You’ll get Googled.  Really.

When someone searches for your name, the first set of search results which will come up (unless you have your own site) is Facebook, followed by Linkedin, and Twitter.

The choice is yours — which do you prefer?

Scenario 1: your Facebook profile picture comes up as the first search result,

Scenario 2: your Linkedin profile come up as the first result

Scenario 3:  your own website comes up as the first search result, and you have complete control over first online impressions of you.

I know which one I’d go for, and not only because 3 is my favourite number.

Meanwhile, stay tuned — it’s almost time to create the second edition of my step by step how-to guide for creating your online brand, starting with your website.

You want in?

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You put your hand up (well, virtually speaking …) for me to let you know when the step by step series on building your website all by yourself starts.

Watch this space …!


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