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Contest: Win Product Complete!

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Blog, Marketing | 18 comments

Product Complete! ContestExciting days, y’all!

Just about all done with Product Complete! which officially launches on 1 November 2012.

The first 8 modules are already live and being consumed by early-bird product creators on a mission.

The other really exciting thing (which I almost missed since I was so busy writing) is that Moonpreneur has now hit 100 posts.  Woohooo!

To celebrate, one lucky Moonpreneur fan will get Product Complete! for free.

All of it:

  • The online course: ten detailed, action packed modules
  • Specific action tasks in each module to apply your discoveries and learning
  • Life time access to the course, including any updates
  • Access to the private Product Complete! Facebook group where I will answering queries and helping you to get your first (or 10th!) product done and launchedProduct Complete

So how to I get to win one of these, you say?

Glad you asked.  Easy.  Just tell me in the comments what difference Product Complete!  would make to you and your business.

That’s it.

I know you agree that creating your own product is a great way to leverage what you know.

Everyone knows how to do something. Mostly we trade our knowledge and time for money.  It’s usually called a job.  Even if you are a highly paid consultant and are self-employed, it’s still trading knowledge and time for money.

By creating a product, you trade your knowledge (not your time) for money.   That’s when it becomes a business.

Invest your time and knowledge in creating a product, then trade your product over and over again for money.  Much more scalable,sustainable, and you get to help loads of other people, rather than just your boss.

In Product Complete! you get a step-by-step guide from coming up with ideas for a product and gauging them for marketability, all the way through to creating it and putting it up for sale.

Here is a sneak peak at the roadmap and timeline:


This means that if you hunker down and devote, say, 2 hours per day for three weeks, you can have your product done and launched.  Yes, if you start now, you could be done by Thanksgiving (well, the US one, and happy belated Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!)

So.  Fancy having a product up for sale in 2012? In time for the holiday season?

Tell me in the comments what difference Product Complete! would make to you and your business.

Contest  closes on Monday 29 October at 12:00 midnight EST.

Good luck!