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Content Curation: A Novel Use Case

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Blog, Product Creation, Resources, Social Media | 3 comments

contentcurationThe battle between original and curated content continues to rage in certain circles.  For us more pragmatic people, we know that the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and the better truth is that we go with what works for us.

We not only go with what for us, but what works for us within a specific context.

For example, creating an ebook would be mostly original, with curated content coming in as perhaps best practices, success stories or interesting ways of applying the new learnings embodied in the book.

From a social media and marketing perspective, it’s mostly curated content.  After all, sharing links to content you found interesting is curating content for followers and those who have you on some kind of list.

Tools like have created an entirely new way of curating content in a way that can help promote your blog, increase your followers, bring together highly targeted content, and publishing your own online newspaper.  It takes just a few minutes to set up.

So what?

Why should you care, and why should you even consider going off and mess around with yet another online thing that could potentially be a time suck?

Whether you choose or another curation-friendly platform, there are certain advantages to curating.

I won’t go into the usual benefits of increasing your online presence, getting more followers and the consequent larger reach etc.

Consider this: suppose you’ve been writing about a specific niche on your main blog.  You want to experiment, dabble really, in another, somewhat related niche, but you’re not quite ready to rethink your blog.  In fact, you’re not sure you’ve got any more than a handful of posts in that other niche, but you’re itching to give it a go.

A curated newspaper would be perfect for something like this.

  • Write your one post, tag it “random” on your main blog
  • Share it on Twitter with your new, related niche hashtag
  • Get over to, and create a newspaper
  • Use your hashtag to ensure your blog post gets included
  • Use related keywords and let source fabulous content for you
  • Publish your newspaper to your various social channels

You now have a relatively rich online newspaper targeting this new niche you want to dabble in, and it took you all of ten minutes to set it up.  Best part is that your online newspaper will refresh as often as you wish – just tweak the settings to weekly, daily or twice daily.

Share the link to your newspaper with your blog followers, your mailing list and your community at large.  Views and subscriptions are automatically tracked for you by

Check out the stats in a few days, and see if your new, related niche is worth pursuing.

Next on content curation, how to get in on the Flipboard magazine craze.