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Branding: Create an iPhone/iPad worthy icon

by | Oct 29, 2012 | Blog, How To, Marketing, Mobile, Resources | 6 comments

Apple iOS Icon for WordPressThe last couple of posts have been dealing with giving our blog the once-over and getting it graded for content and marketing value.

One of the items that I failed on miserably when I got Moonpreneur graded by Hubspot  is the existence of an Apple iOS icon.


Precisely what went through my head too.

Here is the explanation:

The iPhone and iPad both allow users to add a quick link to the desktop of their device for easy access. Don’t let a hard-to-see screenshot (which is the default option) rob you of an excellent branding opportunity!

I guess since I do most of my web browsing and bookmarking on my Mac rather than iPhone, and my tablet is a Samsung one, I never really used this feature.

However, I know many of my readers use iPads, so I went looking for a quick tutorial on how to do this.

Here is a great tutorial on how to quickly pull together an Apple icon for when your readers save your blog on their desktop for easy access.

If you want the short version, you basically create an image that’s 114×114, and make sure to leave the edges empty, as Apple automatically rounds the corners.

Once you’ve created your 114×114 image, upload it to your theme folder, ie, …./wp-content/themes/your-theme-name.

The last step is then to add the following line of code to your theme header file, usually called header.php:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="name-your-image-file.png"/>

Your eyes just glazed over, didn’t they?

Well, no need to panic.  There’s a nifty little plugin that takes care of this beautifully – and without any FTP or messing around with your theme’s header files.

Simply add the  iOs Icon For WordPress  plugin to your blog.  Once installed and activated, go to Settings from your dashboard, find iOS Icon for WordPress to get to the screen where you upload your ready image.

Upload the image, and voila’, you can now be added bookmarked with style from any iPhone or iPad device for those readers that would like to add your blog to their device screen.

A quick word of warning: the plugin hasn’t been updated in just over a year, so keep it in mind before you install it.  You need to weigh the risk of an older plugin against the benefit of being branded on iPhone/iPad for those readers who want to save you to their desktop.

To help you make the decision, go to your analytics (Google Analytics, or Statpress on WordPress) and see the percentage of your visits that come from iPhone/iPad.

So there you go – yet another tiny tip on increasing your marketing impact and your brand.  Every little bit counts when you are trying to be heard above the noise!

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