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Get Graded: Is Your Blog Helping Or Hurting?

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Blog, Blunders, Marketing | 37 comments

Blog Marketing ReviewI wrote earlier on how important it is to run a blog health check on a periodic basis.  This is to make sure everything is still ticking over the way it’s supposed to, and nobody lands in 404 land or other  undesirable places.

To take it a step further, wouldn’t be it nice if you had access to a way to review your blog against a set of criteria, and figure out if it is doing its job of marketing you and your brand?

Do you know if your blog is helping your conversions, or are most of your conversions coming from, say, forum signatures or tweets directly to your product?

How would you like having a tool that you could use directly yourself that assesses your blog in terms of its effectiveness in attracting traffic, leads and conversions?

You would?


Allow me to introduce you to Marketing Grader, a free online analysis tool from the lovely folk over at Hubspot.

Just enter your site URL, let it work its magic.  After a minute, you will have the results.  You will get a grade as a percentage on how well your blog does its marketing job (or not), as well as specific actions to remedy a low grade in a specific area.

You can also enter your competitor’s URL, and get a side-by-side grade report!

Based on links on your site, it will also try to guess what your related social media accounts are, and for Moonpreneur, it correctly picked up my Twitter account, Facebook Page etc.

It then told me I need to up the number of people that retweet my posts (help dear readers please!!), but at least it liked the consistency and frequency of posting fresh content.

Before you scoff at the whole idea  (what could possibly a computerized tool know about how well I engage with my customers?) let me gently remind you that social signals, analytics, and SEO numbers (like bounce rate) make all the difference between your site receiving organic traffic and being totally ignored.

This tool is reading exactly those same signals, and giving you an objective take on how well your blog might be serving you in attracting traffic, leads, and ultimately converting those leads into customers.

So, take a deep breath, head over to Marketing Grader, and get graded.

And please, pretty please, tweet this post so I can improve my “nobody likes you on Twitter” grade.

Ok, that’s not what it says.  It actually says:

Get more people to tweet your content by making it more remarkable and/or making it easier to share.

“But I am remarkable,” I said to the screen earlier, much to the amusement of my kids.

Enjoy being “graded”, and don’t forget that, at the end, it is a number-crunching computer.  Use it as the tool it’s meant to be.

You know, I still feel kind of offended about the Twitter thing – LOL!

Just in case, I better line up some ice cream 🙂