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Blog Review By A Conversion Specialist (Video)

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Blog, Blunders, How To, Marketing, Resources

Blog Video ReviewSo it seems we are on a roll.

On a roll to work on our blog, creating remarkably relevant content that resonates (hmmm – I feel an ebook coming on: “Remarkable, Relevant and Resonating: Ruling The Marketing Roost”).  But I digress.

In the last couple of posts, we looked at blog health with a monthly / quarterly checklist.  We then moved on to how well your blog does it marketing job and compared notes on how we fared on the Marketing Grader.

Sidebar: thank you so much for tweeting and sharing my stuff on Twitter.  Apparently I’m cool again in Twitter terms … I feel another ebook coming on: “How To Do Twitter When You’re Not The Tweeting Type“.  Sidebar and digressing again.

Today, as part of the brutal blog-navel-gazing series, I bring you a live video from the very talented Peter Sandeen (the conversion specialist) reviewing Firepole Marketing’s blog, Danny Iny’s platform.  If you don’t know Danny, well, you should.  Known as the Freddy Kruger of writing, Danny is an awesome marketer, and an even more awesome marketing coach and general fab person.

In this video that Danny kindly shared to his list, Peter goes through Firepole Marketing‘s new blog design and … well, see it for yourself.  It’s enlightening, interesting, and has a ton of learning on how to tweak our blogs for maximum marketing impact (hey, the third ebook of the series “Maximum Marketing Impact: Blog Transformations That Matter” … LOL!)

Check out the video, and let me know what you think.  About the video, I mean, though please do feel free to comment on which of the ebooks I should get to work on first ….