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Best Marketing Strategy

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Blog, Marketing, Product Creation | 4 comments

The Best Marketing StrategyYou will have noticed I’ve been getting more and more excited as I complete creating content for Product Complete! and start ramping up marketing activities before its launch.

Well, ‘ramping up’ is probably a tiny bit exaggerated, since I haven’t actually done any marketing at all so far.

There are many different types of marketing, and their corresponding strategies and tactics.  Some date back from way back, and just have a brand new, trendy name.  Some are children of the brave new online world.

At its core, marketing is defined as the set of processes by which you create customer interest in your products and services.

Some would say that’s pretty much everything! In fact, without customer interest, there’s little point for the entire rest of the business to exist.

I think we all agree that, at its core, marketing is all about taking the  customer from totally unaware, through aware, interested, enthusiastic, and finally, if you have provided a WOW experience, endorsing and advocating.

What single factor, single marketing strategy has the power to transform an unaware prospect to brand ambassador?

In my book, that single factor is a great product.

Without a great product, you might get a little traction through hype, but without a solid, fabulous product, it is difficult, if not impossible, to continue to retain customers, and continually move them through from unaware to supporters.

So then, what is the single most important factor that makes a product great?



Price point?

In my book, the single most important factor in product success is that it solves the problem it promises it will solve.

Think of the disappointment when you thought you bought a pack of AA batteries, but it turns out you got AAA by mistake.  It’s still batteries, but not the ones you wanted.

Similarly, if a product promises to solve your very specific problem, then it should give you enough information and inspiration to get you galvanized into action, armed with a pretty viable solution.

Before you start with the “you can lead a horse to water …” lecture, remember that inspiring your customer into taking action is part of your responsibility as product creator, that is, if you want your product to be remembered, to stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, to truly deliver on its premise and promise.

Winding our way back to the best marketing strategy, I know you can now see that is is basically having a great product that delivers what it says it will deliver, and inspires the customer to make a change.


It’s a great day to be marketing online.  It’s great day to become a product creator.