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The Most Beautiful Voice

by | Mar 2, 2013 | Blog, Marketing | 2 comments

Voice Of The CustomerLong time no blog!

I can’t believe February has already come to an end, and with it, two months of 2013 have just vanished!

It has been an extremely busy start to the year. I have, amongst other things, taken on a full-time gig in a kind of startup, working on product development. It’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things, what with giving up solitary morning beach walks, all at the same time as keeping up with my kids’ increasingly hectic activities calendar.

Very exciting times indeed, made even more so as I have doggedly been sticking to producing content for my Kindle books, experimenting in a wide range of topics, pen names and styles of writing.

While creating is certainly an important facet of building your digital assets, marketing said assets is an equally important aspect of business.

After all, without customers, you don’t have a business, and without marketing, your customers  have no clue you even exist, much less that you have an offer that is perfect for them.

So. How on earth do you and your products become visible? How can you present your value proposition in a way that’s interesting, in context and useful to your market?

Not simple, nor easy, especially if you want to get your customer’s attention in a way that’s not intrusive or creepy. I’m reminded of the ‘helpful’ Facebook ads that suddenly started showing up in the sidebar right around a milestone birthday.  Suffice it to say that I felt rather indignant at having been target by that particular set of ads!

Not cool.

It is also not straight forward if you want to get your customer’s attention without resorting to interruptions.  Ever been on one of those blogs that hit you with those slide-up ads, after ‘thoughtfully’ letting you get through a whole 30 seconds or so of peaceful reading? Yup, interrupt my train of thought just as I’m thinking of bookmarking the site … not very cool either.

So what is one to do? How to get word out about your product, your services, your total awesomeness?

One way that you can guarantee your message is well received, helpful and timely is to let an already happy customer of yours suggest your product as a solution to someone in their community.

Imagine the potential scenarios: it could be in response to a question in a targeted forum, Facebook group, or even within a niche blog’s comments.

It could be a suggestion in an email conversation between friends, colleagues or community members.

The important thing here is that someone else is tooting your horn – and in a good way.  Potential customers are much more likely to pay heed to an unsolicited testimonial in a conversation with someone they already trust, than an ad or direct mailer from you.

Great, you say.  How do I get my customers to do that? And what if I don’t even have customers yet?

The only way that you will get customers to recommend you and your product is if your customer is happy with you and your product. It means you will need to make sure that you rock your customer’s world with how you solved their problem. It means that the touch points you’ve had with your customer have all been brilliant, from the introduction to your product, to the sales experience, to the after-sales support and communications.

And how do you guarantee a fantastic experience? You must begin with a fantastic product.

I know, it sounds simplistic and obvious.  Yet, you would be surprised at how many shoddy, half-hearted and plain unhelpful products are out there, with a clear stamp of can’t-be-bothered all over it.

Don’t let yours be one of those, not if you want to use the best marketing tool available to you – the voice of a happy customer.