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Au Revoir, Moonpreneur

by | Mar 1, 2015 | Blog, Marketing, Strategy

Back in 2012 — a million years ago in internet time — I created a tiny little website called Moonpreneur – for the moonlighting entrepreneur.

Of course, I didn’t know Mompreneur existed at the time.  At least not until Google kept trying to correct my search by continuously asking me “Did you mean Mompreneur?”.

No, I didn’t.

Anyway, Moonpreneur served me well  to deep dive into blogging as a form of expression, as well as my sandbox in learning how to create and market digital products.

Moonpreneur was my home and my platform when I met (virtually speaking) a whole host of super amazing people, whether on social media or networking groups.

Apparently, there are hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs and side hustlers, all clamoring to grab a tiny piece of the pie that is earning from just a laptop and an internet connection.

The best part?

I discovered that a large majority of those budding ontrepreneurs — see what I did there? Online + Entrepreneur! Just invented a word! Again!

As I was saying, it turns out that a large portion of these ontrepreneurs are actually of my generation — that would be Gen X – born between the 60s and the 80s.

So back to Moonpreneur.  After 100+ posts and a dozen or so digital products, I have moved the content to this site, and bid it farewell.

Why, you ask?

Apart from the fact that the name didn’t really work — what with being mistaken for Mompreneur, and moonlighting no longer being a thing (it’s now called side hustling), I felt the scope was a little too narrow.

I found that while I spent a good amount of my side hustle time creating digital products, I was spending even more time working with solopreneurs just starting their business and small companies that were looking to grow to the next level.

Also, since I was no longer employed in corporate land, I couldn’t really call my work moonlighting: it became my main gig.

Plus, maintaining two different blogs was becoming more and more time consuming, and in the past few months, I ended up not adding content to either blog.

Video didn’t kill the blogging star.  Indecision did.

Long story short, Moonpreneur is gone, but its heart has moved here.

Delve into the archives to find content on marketing, product creation, social media, productivity and more.  Check out the sidebar for links into the right archive.

Meanwhile, please  bear with me while I work on re-purposing and re-branding, all happening in the background as I continue to work with new clients, and publishing new books.

It’s like moving house while you’re having a dinner party to showcase your planning skills.

Fun, right?