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7 Sure Fire Ways To Create Killer Content

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Blog

The anatomy of killer content:

Great content is the cornerstone of traffic, repeat visits, and viral potential.  It could feel like a lot of pressure to create great content post after post.  But it doesnt’ have to be.

Killer content is not necessarily long, complex of difficult to write.  It does, however, have the following characteristics:

It’s engaging: like a thriller, content must grip you from the get-go and hold you till the end, leaving you wanting more, possibly ready to click on the call-to-action  strategically placed at the bottom of the post.

It creates an emotional reaction: the first paragraph should provoke some kind of emotion.  Whether good or bad, it must incite in some way so the visitor either identifies with it, or clicks through in disdain, ready to condemn.

It tells a story: remember Who Moved My Cheese? I’m 110% sure that a large part of its success was due to the fact it taught through narrative people could identify with.  Stories sell.

It’s informative: people read to discover, learn, get information.  Let your content inform your reader, tell them something they didn’t know previously, or clarify a concept in an accessible way.